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Art School :D

2010-08-06 00:53:31 by ElectronicFunk

So I've finally started towards my personal dream, and that start is at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh

For a degree in Media Arts and Animation!


So maybe, just maybe, I'll finally master that pesky program called flash.

More updates now that I've scored internet 24/7


ALSO: a little something I did during my class downtime

Art School :D

Improvements and such

2010-05-12 18:31:14 by ElectronicFunk

So I finally tackled CS5 and made a successful tango. I really like it, its fairly easy to use, and most of the CS3 and 4 tutorials on the web will work for CS5. Other features, like content awareness are even more useful, and quite fun to play around with.

So all my dabbling Resulted in this:

Improvements and such

Good gods!

2010-04-18 22:07:19 by ElectronicFunk

I had forgotten about this place! I've been so busy with projects and paperwork and life.

I start at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in July, the results of the learned talent will be presented here :D

So, uh, I'm back again, maybe, yes.

And my current project, still very rough, and probably to be completely redone, as I've gotten CS5 to replace Photoshop 7.0 with.

Good gods!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Thomas, I'd like to say I'm a good artist, but I'll leave it "I'm an amateur artist" one who hasn't hit big yet.

Anyhow, I'm willing to take challenge requests (your character, ideas, subject, etc) so I can improve my art palette.

Hopefully you like what I have made, and will make. And I hope I can get a good footing here in the NG community.

I like to draw cars and mechanical things primarily, but as of late, I've been working my way towards a cast of characters to put into what I hope will be a long web comic with some flash movies to go along for the ride. The comic will contain anthropomorphic characters, yes I know "we all hate teh furries" but my guys and gals will keep their clothes on, I'm not a fan of the darker side of the furry world.

And humans will be in the comic, too. Don't feel too left out.

So that's it for now.

Good evening, afternoon, and goodnight,

Please save me the furry chit-chat bullshit, I've head enough and taken enough shit about it. I'll just remove your comment.


2008-08-12 10:49:38 by ElectronicFunk

still making you guys wait, sorry...

But I won't upload anything unless I am happy with it... you can find more art from me here...


Flash soon to come

2008-06-24 10:23:18 by ElectronicFunk

I'm not one who will be here too often for a while, I have much to do, and little time to do it in. I'm learning flash and writing scripts and lining up a few voice actors and practicing with my own voice. I'd say the soonest to expect a submission from me is within 6 months at the earliest. I will not submit something I am not happy with, and I have lots of work to do before I'm happy with anything I'm capable of as far as Flash goes.

Just an update, informative little thing...ish....

See ya,